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thumb|300px|right|Halloween! thumb|300px|right|Manhunt Halloween time!! Ok im new to this wiki stuff I'm still learning the ropes.

but soon, i will have a nice database about the halloween saga

if anyone is willing to help me out feel free to indulge and add content

  • I don't know if this wiki is dead or not but i made my own wiki that is also related to the Halloween series at

http://halloweenmovie.wikia.com (when I made my own wiki I didn't know of this wiki)

  • There is also a Halloween wikia about the holiday in general with articles about the Halloween series movies and other movies and TV specials, as well as costumes, party and activity ideas. Hope to see you there!

Michael Myers[]

Michael Myers (The Original Series)

Michael Myers (Halloween 4-6 Timeline)

Michael Myers (H20 Timeline)

Michael Myers (The Remake Series)


Michael Myers

Dr. Sam Loomis

Laurie Strode

Jamie Lloyd


List of Halloween Characters

Body Count

Cult of Thorn

The Myers Family