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Early Life[]



Jamie's parents are Laurie Strode and Jimmy Lloyd (paramedic from Halloween 2)


Donald and Edith Myers. According to the book "Halloween" by Curtis Richards which is based on John Carpenter's Halloween, they moved away because they couldn't take the publicity they received from curious onlookers and didn't want to live in Haddenfield due to tragic memories of Judith and Michael. The book mentioned that they lived in Indiana and had the burden of paying the taxes for the the house in Haddenfield that had not been sold in 15 years. But some other sources say that Donald and Edith died in a car accident two years after Judith's death which lead to Laurie being placed up for adoption.

Uncle Michael Myers[]

Michael Myers is Jamie's uncle and Laurie's brother, who was put into a coma after the massacre at the Haddonfeild Hostipal.

Cousin Amelia Myers[]

Jamie Lloyd is the oldest cousin of Amelia Myers. They met each other in the year 1989 in Haddonfield Children's Clinic.

Aunt Judith[]

Jamie's Aunt Judith was the older sister of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode (Myers). Judith was murdered by her brother Michael when he was age 6. According to Judith's headstone in the Halloween movie of 1978, she was born on November 10, 1947 and died October 31, 1963 at the age of 15.

Stephen Lloyd[]

Jamie's son.


In H20, John Tate is the son of Laurie Strode who now goes by the name of Keri Tate. However, Jamie Lloyd was not mentioned in this film and the story had nothing to do with her. It's as if she didn't exist.

Encounters with Michael Myers[]

Halloween 4[]

Halloween 5[]

  • The Haddenfield police use Jamie in a setup to lure Michael to his childhood home. The setup takes place in her Aunt Judith's bedroom. Jamie is sitting in front of a vanity desk looking in a mirror and brushing her hair just like her Aunt Judith did on October 31, 1963 right before she was murdered.



Behind the secnes[]

  • Jamie Lloyd is named after actress Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode).
  • The part of Jamie was Danielle Harris's first role at the age of 8.
  • Danielle Harris refused to play Jamie in Curse after she read the script (which she admits she did not care about) and was angry about the way she was killed-off. She said that if she will play the role again, she would be paid $5,000 but the studio refused and instead the part of Jamie was recast with J.C. Brandy. Despite this disagreement, Harris auditioned for a role in Halloween: Resurrection and later got the part of Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007).
  • In the Producer's Cut of Curse, Jamie is wounded and killed later by Dr. Wynn in the Hospital.